Mayhem Creative Publishing
"Giving A Voice To The Unheard"


Mayhem Creative Publishing is a Veteran Owned company. All work is completed in the United States. It was conceived after one of its creators contacted many Self-Publishing companies regarding this work, Another Story For Another Time. It’s of our opinion, that these companies are strictly in the business of selling you services with total disregard to directly giving your work a voice that can be heard.

Mayhem Creative is not one of those companies. We are established with an end goal for every work to be heard. Success is never guaranteed. We are aware. But we do guarantee, if we accept your work, we will give it the same effort as all that come under the Mayhem Creative Publishing umbrella. We also know, that all works we accept will not share the same level of success. We can’t project success. We can project the effort we put forth, but not the outcome. We will always be upfront with this.

Nothing is free. After consulting with an Author, a package will be created and presented. You tell us what YOU want and if agreed, we will deliver.

We look forward to hearing your voice and assisting it to be heard by others. Below is a list of our credentials and successes.

You caught us. We don’t have any. We’ve just begun to scream, not yet heard. We will work very hard going forward in creating an eclectic list of voices to be heard loud and clear. We begin with, Another Story For Another Time.